Cusabio N-terminal 6xHis-MBP-tagged Recombinant

Abstract Recombinant proteins are commonly expressed in eukaryotic expression systems to ensure proper glycosylation and disulfide bond formation. Although many proteins can be easily expressed, some proteins, subdomains, and mutant versions of proteins can cause problems. Here, we investigated the expression levels of recombinant extracellular, intracellular, and transmembrane proteins bound to different polypeptides in mammalian … Read more

Cusabio Enterobacteria phage T4 Recombinant

Introduction Phage T4 has provided innumerable contributions to the paradigms of genetics and biochemistry. Its complete genome sequence of 168,903 bp encodes around 300 gene products. The biology of T4 and its genomic sequence provide the best-understood model for modern functional genomics and proteomics. Variations in gene expression, including overlapping genes, internal translation initiation, spliced … Read more

Cusabio N-terminal 10xHis-SUMO-tagged Recombinant

Abstract The structural and functional genomics demands for large amounts of correctly folded soluble proteins in heterologous hosts have been aided by advances in the field of protein production and purification. Escherichia coli, the preferred host for recombinant protein expression, presents many challenges that must be overcome in order to overexpress heterologous proteins. These challenges … Read more